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About body corporate insurance

Answers to some common questions about body corporate insurance, how it works and what it covers.

Why do I need body corporate insurance?

A body corporate is legally required to insure all the units in a multi-unit building or complex, as well as property that is jointly owned by all unit holders.  The property must be insured for the full replacement value, where possible.  

The entire property must be insured under one policy in the name of the body corporate. This means that as an individual owner, you can’t insure your unit yourself.

Who is responsible for getting body corporate insurance in place?  

The body corporate chairman or appointed manager is responsible for ensuring the correct insurance cover is in place. The cost of insurance is incorporated into the body corporate fees charged to each unit owner.

What does body corporate insurance cover?

Body corporate insurance usually covers the building and all common or shared property.  It also covers the liability of owners, body corporate managers and committees.


What are examples of shared or common space and property?

Shared areas may include foyers, stairwells, balconies, corridors, lifts, car parks, shared garden areas, swimming pool and driveways.  Shared property may include washing machines, driers, lawnmowers and gym and pool equipment.  

What items are not covered by body corporate insurance?

For owner occupiers and tenants, personal contents such as furniture, curtains and household items are not covered by body corporate insurance. You should consider taking out contents or landlords insurance to cover chattels such as whiteware and personal possessions.

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